Recenzje ponad 2000 albumów. Klasyka, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop.
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The Nochats' Dance

The 14
The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
(premiera 1 stycznia 2019)

Alessandro Stradella
Il Trespolo Tutore

Big Club Band

Katarzyna MUSIAŁ
My Spanish Heart

Urszula Kryger / Agata Górska-Kołodziejska
Women Of Music - Songs

Wpisy z tagiem: L

czwartek, 27 listopada 2014

Akk Mon Min Vei; Going Home; Marche vers L'Aube; Dine Tanker/Tanto; Finnskogene; Pilgrim; Reve Bleu; Beautiful; Lead Me; Gjendines Badnlat; Eg Veit I Himmerik Ei Borg.

Tagi: L
15:13, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 09 listopada 2014

Abstract 12; Racy; The Scent Of Light; Whispers From Eve; Blues, Too; Odd End; Amenette; Preesia / The Bond; Waxman; Calder.

Tagi: C jazz L
22:40, longplay_2010
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sobota, 25 października 2014

Work Song; Take 5; Matka Muzyka (Mercy Mercy Mercy); Softly As In A Morning Sunrise; Bernie's Tune; Moanin'; Funk In Deep Freeze; We mgle; Sing Sing Sing; Killer Joe; Light Within.

Tagi: L Pop
22:38, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 13 października 2014

All the Things You Are; Negative Space; Small Talk 1; Stories of a Century; Black Tortoise; Jammin' in the Children's Corner; Small Talk 2; Autumn Leaves; Clear Light; Walking With a Start; Small Talk 3; April in Paris; You and the Night and the Music.

Tagi: jazz L V
14:37, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 29 września 2014

Independance Day (Part 1); Mauritius; Black River Road; The Key; Rue de Paris (Part 1); Rue de Paris (Part 2); Paul et Virgine; Dodo Baba; Strong Relationship; South East Winds; Independance Day (Part 2).

Tagi: jazz L
22:25, longplay_2010
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środa, 10 września 2014

If You Go; Baltic Dance; Almost Close; North Meeting; Abstract Argument; Mr BB; Solar In Mind; For AM; Comparing Withe Reality.

wtorek, 09 września 2014

I Wish It Was Christmas; The First Noel; Come Sunday; Santa Claus Is Coming To Town; What A Wonderful World; Angel's Carol;Last Christmas; If Anybody Ask You; Icicles; Maria durch ein Dornwald ging; In The Bleak Midwinter; Who Would Imagine A King; Det brinner en stjärna; O helga natt; O du saliga / O du fröhliche.

Tagi: jazz L
17:18, longplay_2010
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Speak To Me; Inspire; Breathe; On The Run; Time; Magic Spells; Hear This Whispering; The Great Gig In The Sky; Gotta Go Sometime; Money; Us And Them; Purple Or Blue; Any Colour You Like; Brain Damage; Eclipse.

Tagi: jazz L
13:09, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 10 sierpnia 2014

Durbans Township; L’hiver d’apres; Peace Piece; You; Kothbiro; Namaste; Breeze; Siawaloma; Burasi Mustur.

Tagi: jazz L
17:06, longplay_2010
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sobota, 02 sierpnia 2014

Exile; LCD; Sorrow; Foolish Game.

wtorek, 08 lipca 2014

Matka Muzyka; Matka Muzyka (wersja radiowa).

Tagi: L
11:26, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 07 lipca 2014

Get Behind The Mule; Walk Away; Clap Hands; A Limping Dog; Moth; Temptation; The Sound Of Emptiness; Coffee And Cigarettes; Big Black Mariah; A Walk Down The Street; Unknown; Matylda.

czwartek, 26 czerwca 2014

Lullaby of the leaves; Be still, my soul; Get out of town; Soft winds; Music is; You're my thrill; Let's face the music and dance; I know a song; For heaven's sake; Nobody else but me; Coming back home.

Tagi: jazz L
21:54, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 02 czerwca 2014

Dans Les Rues D'Antibes; Les Oignons; September; Petite Fleur; Casbah -Song Of The Medina; Honeysuckle Rose; Si Tu Vois Ma Mere; Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams; On The Sunny Side Of The Street.

Tagi: b jazz L
14:55, longplay_2010
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piątek, 11 kwietnia 2014

str.1: Ravel's Bolero; Introspection IV; Rondeau De Purcell; Schlummert Ein;
str.2: Adagio Albinioni; Le Tango; Adagio & Pastorelle; Ravel's Bolero (Disco Version).

Tagi: L
22:37, longplay_2010
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str.1: Nobody But You; Danny's Song; Vahevala; Trilogy: Lovin' Me/To Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind;
str.2: Back to Georgia; House at Pooh Corner; Listen to a Country Song; Same Old Wine; Rock 'n' Roll Mood.

środa, 02 kwietnia 2014

Jazzed Up in New Orleans; Moon over Sapporo; Glad you're here; Listen to the silence; Don't forget who you are; Funked up; Letz get voodooed; There is no shortcut; Less is more; Far & beyond; Papersouls.

Tagi: jazz L w
01:04, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 17 lutego 2014

Isthmus; Waiting for Javier / Luzern; Hallucigenia; Lullaby of the Limpet (for Ella); Azalpho; Halt the Busterman; Wiwaxia; Double File; Anomalocaris; Piano Part Two / Catachretic.

Tagi: jazz L
14:51, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 03 lutego 2014

Love Of My Life; Another Kind Of Blue; Broken Wings; Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight; Green Fields; One Frozen Moment; Eternal Beauty; Isn't It A Pity; Get Here; One More Angel; We Don't Need Another Hero; For Your Love; Dear Diary; Love Is Real.

Tagi: jazz L
15:08, longplay_2010
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piątek, 17 stycznia 2014

Dar Es Salaam; Amampondo; Thinking About You; Favela; Cherokee; I Thought About You; Venus; Triste; Korean Maze; How Insensitive; Moonshiner's Delight; Over The Rainbow; Mr.Sandman.

Tagi: J jazz k L
12:13, longplay_2010
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Mother and Son; Natuschkas Song; Song for Thelonius; Sharp Structure; Love Song; Tango; Requiem for W.W.; My Reflection in Your Eyes.

Tagi: b J jazz L
12:06, longplay_2010
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sobota, 11 stycznia 2014

Blue Rose; Fe Fi Fo Fum; Isfahan; Everything I Love; Time Remembered; Until Paisagem; Molten Glass; My Ideal; Everybody's Song But My Own; Black Eyes; How Deep Is The Ocean.

Tagi: jazz L s
00:27, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 26 listopada 2013

Ivy Said; Why Fish Swim Upstream; Prophet and Sons; Happenings Before Dawn; The Other Side; Numbers; Home; Venture; Old and Wise; Sleepless Lullaby; Are We the Unknown (Ana Maria)

Tagi: jazz L
15:22, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 07 listopada 2013

Geir LYSNE: New Circle /CD 2013 (2011-2013), ACT/

Tagi: jazz L
17:31, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 29 października 2013

LEBOWSKI feat. Marcus STOCKHAUSEN: Goodbye My Joy /CDSP 2013, Lebowski/

Tagi: L s
21:03, longplay_2010
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