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piątek, 21 kwietnia 2017

Hey Now Hey; 5 Sisters; 2016; Disambiguate; Right Up On; Sponge; Einstein 100!

Tagi: f jazz L
16:06, longplay_2010
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środa, 19 kwietnia 2017

First Movement: Chronicles Of Michael Brown; Second Movement: Trayvon; Third Movement: Aiyana's Jones Song; Fourth Movement: Eric Garner; Fifth Movement: Ausar And The Race Soldiers; Sixth Movement: Ausar And The Race Soldiers (Reprise).

Tagi: jazz L
16:23, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 21 marca 2017

Robert Schumann: Romans Fis-dur op. 28 nr 2; Fantazja C-dur op. 17;
Franz Liszt: Liebestraume S. 541/3. Oh Lieb, so lang du lieben kannst; Sonata h-moll;
Franz Liszt / Robert Schumann: Liebenslied S. 566. Widmung op. 25 nr 1.

niedziela, 19 lutego 2017

Potsdamer Platz; No.9; Lycklig Resa; Bullet Train; The Poet; Never Too Late; Twelve Tone Rag; Song For Jorgen; Dance Of Masja; On The Banks Of The Seine; Tvaredet.

Tagi: jazz L
13:57, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 09 lutego 2017

Untiteled Story; Double Escape; Gonz; Instead Of Mops; Almost Close; Alone Together; Double Escape / From Żak.

niedziela, 29 stycznia 2017

Crystal Mallet; Rio; This Is What The Silence Sounds Like; Transfusion; Morning Song; Sambadharma; Heartsong; Vincent; Cool Desert Rondo; Kayak; Pramantha; Fortune Teller; Lime Juice; Waverider; Let's Stay Together; Hymn For G.P.; Brasil's Hold On Me; Four Brothers; Mood Vibe; Blue Tango; Snakey; Slo Burn 68; Mango Man; Some Uptown Hip-Hop.

Tagi: jazz L
22:18, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 26 stycznia 2017

Cloud Chamber; Five Senses; Like Mountain Birds; A Night With You, Gone; The Graceful Seal; Heaven's Gourd; Chiec Khan Pieu; Monkey Queen; Beggar's Love Song; Silently Grows The Rice.

wtorek, 17 stycznia 2017

Diamond Sutra Reader; The fountain of soul; Shinnahgeh; Afro blue; Dance for Victor; Mermaid; Distance; September song; Let's fall in love; New Arirang; Goodbye song.

Tagi: L Pop
12:33, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 27 grudnia 2016

My name is Jonathan Lindhorst; The Tryomancer's Apprentice; Schoner Tag; Interlude 1; Anatadaephobia; Feast of Dragonflies; Limerence; Interlude 2; Kira's Korbchen; Unironic Moustache; Lady O; Wand of Knowledge; End Credits.

Tagi: jazz L
17:35, longplay_2010
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sobota, 19 listopada 2016

Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata No.2, Op.36;
Liszt: Sonata in B minor.

czwartek, 29 września 2016

Morgenstern und Morgenlicht; Let The Stars Come Out Tonight; Joy To The World; Baby It‘s Cold Outside; Everyday Is Christmas; Go Tell It On The Mountain; Sleigh Ride; O Heiland, reiß die Himmel auf; Auld Lang Syne; Love Is Born; Gläns över sjö och strand; Hosianna; Härlig är jorden; Seven Stains From Christmas Eve; There Is No Rose; Kokles Christmas; Now The Time Is Here; Bereden väg för Herren.

Tagi: jazz L
17:19, longplay_2010
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środa, 17 sierpnia 2016

Rondo e-moll na flet i fortepian; Sonata E-dur na wiolonczelę i fortepian op. 19; Sonata B-dur na skrzypce i fortepian op. 7; Sonata F-dur na skrzypce i fortepian op. 15.

czwartek, 28 lipca 2016

When We Where Young; The Girl from Ipanema; Take My Picture While I'm Smiling; Eleven Promises; Birthday Girl; And If; Mellow Moon Moaning; Each Time You Leave; Hold On; Merry Go Round; Circles; Ya Mi Corazon.

Tagi: jazz L Pop
16:04, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 21 lipca 2016

Me Voy Pa' Cuba; Africa; Feria; Lobo's Cha; Bacalao Con Pan; El Viaje; Mozambique En Mi B; D'una Fabula; Inspiración En Connecticut; Oriente; Improv (Me Voy Pa' Cuba).

Tagi: jazz L
16:20, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 07 czerwca 2016

Little Jump; Sun Blowing; Up North; Salme; Folksong; No Idee; Bla; The Cost Of Living.

Tagi: D jazz L n
10:36, longplay_2010
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środa, 27 kwietnia 2016

Solidarity; Brooklyn Mountain; Knee Braces; Cherry Swing; Moonflower Interlude; Faith.

Tagi: jazz L
15:25, longplay_2010
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środa, 30 marca 2016

Grande fantaisie sur Mignon; Fantaisie sur le Freischütz; Fantaisie sur les Indes Galantes; Fantaisie sur Jean de Nivelle; Fantaisie sur Françoise de Rimini; Andante pastoral et scherzettino.

czwartek, 10 marca 2016

Emigrantvisa; Ganglek fran Älvdalen; Polska fran Medelpad; Polska efter Höök Olle; Berg-Kirstis Polska; Bandura; Kvällar i Moskvas förstäder; Pa ängen atod en björk; Det gar en kosack; Stepp min stepp; Det snöar; Det vore synd att dö än; Visa fran Utanmyra; Lycklig resa; Slängpolska efter Byss-Kalle; Har kommer Pippi Langstrump.

Tagi: jazz L
21:39, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 22 lutego 2016

Fotune Teller; Persian Rug; Nocturne; Supera; Stop Go Start; Activate; Presley; Prospero; I'll Be Seeing You; Harlem Blues; Ryland.

Tagi: jazz L
16:13, longplay_2010
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środa, 03 lutego 2016

Apnea; Blue Silence; Aurore; Christallen den fina; Giselle; E varie notti tre vie notai; Farväl; Gnossienne No. 1; Lili; Leklat; Le livre d’un pere sarde; Si dolce e il tormento.

Tagi: f g jazz L
20:26, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 01 lutego 2016

Overture: America; Some Other Time; Cool; Maria; Somewhere; The Story Of My Life; One Hand, One Heart; Something's Coming; Lonely Town; A Quiet Girl; Lucky To Be Me; A Simple Song.

Tagi: b jazz L s
12:47, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 25 stycznia 2016

Praludium; Blaue Kreise; Heartbeats; Praludium 2; Spring Rites; Ankunft; Love Confessions; Rollende Steine; Arabesque.

Tagi: jazz L
12:03, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 17 grudnia 2015

The circling bird; Crystals; Very strange chords; Man from Calcuta; Michael; The same old song; Bonbon; Chords from the dustbin; Ground-air dove; Strut-like.

Tagi: jazz L
12:04, longplay_2010
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środa, 21 października 2015

Lalka; Pożegnanie z Marią; Celuloid; Wojna domowa; Prawo i pięść: Nim wstanie dzień; Crazy Script; Człowiek z żelaza; Death and the Maiden: Roberto's Last Chance; Celuloid - reprise.

czwartek, 15 października 2015

Internal Melody; My Song; Night Driver; Ballada o smutku; 29 Steps To Hell; Moja Ewelinka; E4; Largo.

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