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Wpisy z tagiem: rock blues

piątek, 18 lipca 2014

Guess I'll Go Away; Ain't That A Kindness; No Time To Love; Rock And Roll, Hoochie Koo; Am I Here?; Look Up; Prodigal Son; On The Limb; Let The Music Play; Nothing Left; Funky Music.

środa, 09 lipca 2014

Layconick Johnson & Salty Pretzel Brown: Hey Now; Kraków Street Band: You Don’t Know My Mind (live); GRUFF!: Preaching Blues (live); The Missing Part: When The Summer’s Gone; Space Sloth: Crawling King Snake; L’Orange Electrique: Howlin’; Nina Sawicka & Easy Money: Looking For A Friend; Willy Blake: 99 Year Blues; Ewa Novel & Kraków Street Band: Moanin’; The Silver Owls: Ghost Riders; Cheap Tobacco: Oaza; Limboski: Pallet On Your Floor; Levi: FeMiNi Blues; Little They Know: Ślady (live); Willy, Take Me Back: Sugar Baby; Hard Times: No More; bonus: Antoni Krupa i przyjaciele: Outside Help (live).

wtorek, 08 lipca 2014

Got This Thing On The Move; Please Don't Worry; High Falootin' Woman; Mr. Limousine Driver; In Need; Winter And My Soul; Paranoid; Inside Looking Out; Previously unreleased Bonus Tracks: Nothing Is The Same (demo); Mr. Limousine Driver (extended version).

Once Bitten Twice Shy; Who Do You Love; Lounge Lizard; Boy; 3,000 Miles From Here; The Truth, The Whole Truth, Nuthin' But The Truth; It Ain't Easy When You Fall / Shades Off; I Get So Excited.

Don't Let Him So; Keep On Loving You; Follow My Heart; In Your Letter; Take It On The Run; Tough Guys; Out Of Season; Shakin' It Loose; Someone Tonight; I Wish You Were There.

Crazy; Put On Your Old Brown Shoes; It's Raining Again; Bonnie; Know Who You Are; My Kind Of Lady; C'est Le Bon; Waiting So Long; Don't Leave Me Now.

poniedziałek, 07 lipca 2014

Get Behind The Mule; Walk Away; Clap Hands; A Limping Dog; Moth; Temptation; The Sound Of Emptiness; Coffee And Cigarettes; Big Black Mariah; A Walk Down The Street; Unknown; Matylda.

środa, 02 lipca 2014

str.1: A Hard Days Night; I Sholuld Have Known Better; If I Fell; I'm Happy Just To Dance With You; And I Love Her; Tell My Why; Can't Buy Me Love;
Parlophone str.2: Any Time At All; I'll Cry Instead; Things We Said Today; When I Get Home; You Can't Do That; I'll Be Back.
Melodija str.2: Any Time At All; I'll Cry Instead; Things We Said Today; You Can't Do That; I'll Be Back.

(LP str.1:) It Won't Be Long; All I've Got To Do; All My Loving; Don't Bother Me; Little Child; Till There Was You; Please Mr Postman; (LP str. 2:) Roll over Beethoven; Hold Me Tight; You've Really Got a Hold on Me; I Wanna Be Your Man; Devil in Her Heart; Not a Second Time; Money (That's What I Want).

środa, 25 czerwca 2014

Myslovitz: Być jak John Wayne; Czary Mary Koszmary i Ćmy: Ostatni ziemski akt; Milcz Serce: Mota; Delons: Skąd mogłem wiedzieć, że znam ptasi język; Korbowód: Secret; Holly Blue: Another Love Affair; Natalie Loves You: Words and Lies; Poprobot: Plastik; Soundpetersburg feat. Marlene Rose: Mess; Fabilus Tenz: Droga Smoczej Krwi; Królik Wieprzowy: Hymn akcji Marzanna; Marek Jałowiecki i Wojciech Żurek: Nad wysepkami; Starfak Acidbrother: Babel Kavkaz; Menippe: Nightwalk2.

poniedziałek, 09 czerwca 2014

Out Of Tears; Gimme This, Gimme That; Take My Name; Businessmen; Buckle Up (instrumental); Lovin' Might; Pardon Me; Rain All Down My Way; Who's Crying Now; It Was A Dream; Hot Pants; Green Eye; I Overpaid My Dues; Blues Shadow; Goodbye Everybody.

świt; sierpienie; vel; ulewa; przedskoczek; białe noce; kończymy się kochać; czarne światło; stanie się.

czwartek, 15 maja 2014

Open Up; What I Want; Lost In Myself; No More; All My Hate; Silence; Always Near; Lieology; Only Mine; Addicted To You; Empty Room; Open Up (radio edit).

wtorek, 13 maja 2014

intro (Wasted Guitar Theme); Bridge Burner; Transmission from the Lonely Room; N.O.T.O.S.; Happy Pills; White (Still); Waiting; Świt (Kwazar Remix); Niecodzienność; Filth; Sorrows Like Crows.

Taka Jak Ty; To Jest Miłość; Pomóż Mi; Nas Już Nie Ma; Rosie; To Co Chcesz Usłyszeć; Nie Zmienię Się; Bez Złych Myśli; Zaufaj Mi Jeszcze Raz; Kiedy Śpisz.

poniedziałek, 12 maja 2014

Forever Young; Make Believe; If You Could See Me Now; Meet Me Half Way; Just A Kiss; Lost Without You; Sense Of Direction.

sobota, 26 kwietnia 2014

Friday Night; Stray Hat; Gotta Love; Do Tell; Long Dark Cloud; Excuse Me; 99.9; Sister Sister; Shakedown; Coming Home.

piątek, 25 kwietnia 2014

Bayou Belle; Dig A Little Deeper In The Well; No Further; Sinner Man; Boll Weevil; In My Time; Every Wind In The River; Sittin' In A Hotel Room; Could Be You, Could Be Me; Money In Your Pocket; Music; The Times They Are A Changin'; Movin' Up.

czwartek, 24 kwietnia 2014

Triffin'; Keep You Around Too Long; Searching The Desert For The Blues; Have You No Shame; Put Some Stank On It; Love One Another; Sleepless Nights; Going Down Slow; Celebration; Hard Time; Bad Avenue; Sway; Little Havana Blues (Arroz Con Mango); Just Like Jesus.

środa, 23 kwietnia 2014

Keep My Cool; Sing Your Song; Catch Up To Your Heart; Between A Woman And A Man; Talk To Me; You're The One; Something Much Greater; Strong Love; Looking Through The Window; Gonna Walk This Road; A Better Man; I Need A Vacation; I'll Be Your Car; Me To You.

piątek, 11 kwietnia 2014

str.1: Nobody But You; Danny's Song; Vahevala; Trilogy: Lovin' Me/To Make a Woman Feel Wanted/Peace of Mind;
str.2: Back to Georgia; House at Pooh Corner; Listen to a Country Song; Same Old Wine; Rock 'n' Roll Mood.

str.1: World Beyond The Sky; Questions Questions; Bhagavad-Gita; Seers Of The Truth; You're Not That Body;
str.2: A Change Of Heart; Swetadwip; Oh Govinda; Time For Going Home.

str.1: We Belong to the Night; What's a Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You); Stupid Girl; Night Out;
str.2: Thunder and Rain; Sad Song; Young Lust; Hideaway; Don't Let Go

poniedziałek, 24 marca 2014

Styka; Nalot Lufthansy; Volvo z hakiem; Pyrolisa.

piątek, 21 marca 2014

Architekci; Pieniądze; Ostatnio w modzie tylko pięść; Słupki oglądalności; Granice; To mało; Gówno i cebula; Muchozol; Moje miato -piosenka dla Heńka; Czarne mam skrzydła anioła; Krem do wysadzenia miasta; Nie lubię; Stacja ochota.

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