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Wpisy z tagiem: rock blues

poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2015

Day Of The Eagle; Bridge Of Sighs; In This Place; The Fool And Me; Too Rolling Stoned; About To Begin; Lady Love; Little Bit Of Sympathy.

wtorek, 21 kwietnia 2015

Hurricane; You Stopped The Rain; Waking Up; Rush Hour; Crazy; Lay With Me; Just A Little Lie; Take A Look; Stranger To Love.

wtorek, 24 marca 2015

How Long; Over Your Head; When I Get Mine; Still Searching; First Hand Look (At Down And Out); …And What; Intro to Smoke And Mirrors; Smoke And Mirrors; Pusher; Better Off; You'll Find Love; How Long (Reprise); Over Your Head (Radio Edit); First Hand Look (Radio Edit); How Long (Radio Edit); The Way You Do (Live); Bad Side (Live).

środa, 18 marca 2015

Walk On: Monk Morph Chamber Music; One More Red Nightmare; Banshee Legs Bell Hassle; The ConstruKction of Light; The Letters; Sailor's Tale; Starless.

niedziela, 01 marca 2015

White Bird; Hot Summer Day; Wasted Union Blues; Girl With No Eyes; Bombay Calling; Bulgaria; Time Is.

czwartek, 12 lutego 2015

Mr Hyde (PL); Kołysanka o Świcie; Biegiem; That Day; Świecie Nie Pędź; Mr Hyde (ENG).

poniedziałek, 02 lutego 2015

Something's About To Change; Fallen; Riff No.7 (Still Alive); Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds; Good Morning Midnight; What You Never Want To Do; Strange Love; Gold To Grey; The One Saving Grace; Snakes And Ladders; Up And Gone; Til I Reach Home.

środa, 28 stycznia 2015

Specific Gravity Of Smile; The Light Cone; Walkabout; Pinnacles.

środa, 14 stycznia 2015

Pałac Kultury; Lion's Share; Fantasias; Hot Date; Mantra; I Won't Let You Down; Don't; Zombie Disko; Bombing It; Running Away; B.I.T.C.H.; Violence FM; We've Got No Fear; The Attack Of The Lamb.

piątek, 09 stycznia 2015

Pardon Me Sir; High Time We Went; She Don't Mind; Black-Eyed Blues; Something To Say; Midnight Rider; Do Right Woman; Woman To Woman; St. James Infirmary.

czwartek, 08 stycznia 2015

It Seems Strange... (intro); Evil Was Her Name; Song for David (alternative version); Have The Roses Gone Dry; I'm Sad; Living On Love; Jesus In A Bottle; A Fool For Her Body (skit); Witching Hour; Give Me All Your Love; I Still Remember... (skit); A Taste Of The Blues; Baby I Love You; The Loved; Evil Was Her Name (full edit); Passing Ships; The End Of The Day (outro).

środa, 07 stycznia 2015

Things Left Unsaid; It’s What We Do; Ebb and Flow; Sum; Skins; Unsung; Anisina; The Lost Art of Conversation; On Noodle Street; Night Light; Allons-y; Autumn’68; Allons-y (2); Talkin’ Hawkin'; Calling; Eyes to Pearls; Surfacing; Louder Than Words.

Call Me The Breeze; Rock And Roll Records; Someday; Lies; Sensitive Kind; Cajun Moon; Magnolia; I Got The Same Old Blues; Songbird; Since You Said Goodbye; I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me); The Old Man And Me; Train To Nowhere; Starbound; Don't Wait; Crying Eyes.

czwartek, 25 grudnia 2014

Unchain My Heart; Feelin' Alright; Summer In The City; You Can Leave Your Hat On; Up Where We Belong; You Are So Beautiful; With A Little Help From My Friends; Cry Me A River; The Letter; Delta Lady; Many Rivers To Cross; When The Night Comes; Night Calls; Don't You Love Me Anymore; She Came In Through The Bathroom Window; Could You Be Loved; Civilized Man; First We Take Manhattan; The Simple Things; N'oubliez Jamais; That's All I Need To Know; Have A Little Faith In Me; Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me; Now That The Magic Has Gone; Sweet Lil' Woman; (All I Know) Feels Like Forever; My Father's Son; Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word; Never Tear Us Apart; Ruby Lee.

niedziela, 07 grudnia 2014

Italian Song; I'll Find My Way Home; State Of Independence; One More Time; Play Within A Play; The Friends Of Mr. Cairo; Outside Of This (Inside Of That); He Is Sailing; I Hear You Now.

sobota, 06 grudnia 2014

Dead Dog On Asphalt; I Wish I Knew; Face To Face; Asleep; Sex Nerve; Then What; Quicksand; I Know Now; Happiness; Sunlight.

środa, 03 grudnia 2014

The Knife; The Musical Box; Supper's Ready; The Cinema Show; I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway; Back In N.Y.C.; The Carpet Crawlers; Ace Of Wands; Ripples; Afterglow; Solsbury Hill; Follow You Follow Me; For A While; Every Day; Biko; Turn It on Again; In The Air Tonight; Abacab; Mama; That's All; Easy Lover; Silent Running; Invisible Touch; Land Of Confusion; Tonight, Tonight, Tonight; The Living Years; Red Day On Blue Street; I Can't Dance; No Son Of Mine; Hold On My Heart; Over My Shoulder; Calling All Stations; Signal To Noise; Wake Up Call; Nomads; Siren.

wtorek, 18 listopada 2014

Tubular Bells (Part One); Ommadawn (Part One); Crises; The Lake; Amarok (Part One); Amarok (Part Two); Sentinel; Supernova; Ascension; The Tempest; Guilty; Family Man; Five Miles Out; Moonlight Shadow; Shadow On The Wall; To France; Etude; Magic Touch; Islands; Heaven's Open; Tattoo; The Song Of The Sun; Summit Day; Lake Constance; Broad Sunlit Uplands; The Doge's Palace; Amber Light; Angelique; On My Heart.

niedziela, 16 listopada 2014

Further On Down The Road; Angel; The Folks Who Live On The Hill; Gotta Get Over; Till Your Well Runs Dry; All Of Me; Born To Lose; Still Got The Blues; Goodnight Irene; Your One And Only Man; Every Little Thing; Our Love Is Here To Stay.

środa, 29 października 2014

You Burned The Tables On Me; Smiles & Grins; Folk Song; A Letter Of Thanks; We're Going Wrong; Have You Ever Loved A Woman?; Powerhouse Sod; You Sure Look Good To Me; Jack's Gone; Clearway; Powerhouse Sod; Can You Follow?; Morning Story; Keep It Down; Peaces of Mind; One; Spirit; Without A Word; Smiles And Grins; Fifteen Minutes Past Three; Ten To Four; Madhouse; Without A Word; Time; Baby Jane; Born Under A Bad Sign; Lost Inside A Song; Something To Live For; How's Tricks; Spirit; Out Into The Fields; You Burned The Tables On Twenty Past Four.

I'm So Glad; Spoonful; Outside Woman Blues; Pressed Rat & Warthog; Sleepy Time Time; N.S.U.; Badge; Politician; Sweet Wine; Rollin' And Tumblin'; Stormy Monday; Deserted Cities Of The Heart; Born Under A Bad Sign; We're Going Wrong; Crossroads; White Room; Toad; Sunshine Of Your Love;Sleepy Time Time.

piątek, 03 października 2014

Let’s Go Upstairs; Love Nobody No More; (I Know) I’m Losing You; Mr. Pitiful; It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way; Leave It On; Have You Ever Loved A Woman; Starting All Over Again.

wtorek, 05 sierpnia 2014

Nudny luty; Plastelina cz.3; Lekcja 1, Temat: Kombinacja dominikańska; RK2; 27; Maleństwo; J.N., J.N., J.N., J.N!!!; Stosunek przerywany; Wygnanie lwa z ZOO; Alterstyle; Kim Deal; Dziwka; Słodko-gorzka.

sobota, 02 sierpnia 2014

Exile; LCD; Sorrow; Foolish Game.

piątek, 18 lipca 2014

str.A: Master Mechanic; Sound The Bell; Murdering Blues; It Ain't Your Business; Good Time Woman;
str.B: Unseen Eye; My Time After Awhile; Serious As A Heart Attack; Give It Back; Route 90.

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