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Wpisy z tagiem: rock blues

czwartek, 18 sierpnia 2016

Make Me A Pallet On The Floor; DC Boogie; St James Infirmary; St Louis Blues; Pennies from Heaven; Bright Lights, Big City; I Almost Lost My Mind; The Rocky Mountain Blues; The Fives; Four O' Clock Blues; Operator Blues; Trouble in Mind; Make Me A Pallet On The Floor; A Conversation with Erwin.

Homage to Pinetop Perkins; How Much More; Keep on Drinking; I Forgot to Remember; She's Got a Thing Goin' On; Vicksburg Blues; I Just Keep on Drinking; Double D Boogie; Straight Alky Blues; How About Me; How Long, How Long Blues; Stockyard Blues; Chicago Blues; ChuckaBilly Boogie.

poniedziałek, 11 lipca 2016

Ain't Got No Money; Aunt Hazel; Damn The Reason; Cat And Mouse; Black Betty; Work No More; Demolition Man; Oklahoma; Letting Go; Kiss Me; Stop! In The Name Of Love; Ordinary Life.

czwartek, 07 lipca 2016

Bułki; Czarny bez; Zima; Tkacz; Opowiem; Bezsenność.

Urodziny; Dratewka; Tramwaj; Wróble; Rypka; Cykady; Marzanna; Miony; Księżyc; Urodziny.

wtorek, 05 lipca 2016

Embrion; Las piranas de Mars; Terminal Leonov; Lilith; Love me gender; After-REC; Fuzzy Buzzy; Fuzzy Buzzy/Step Left (bonus track).

wtorek, 28 czerwca 2016

Don’t Misunderstand; Same To You; She Don’t Know; Bad News; March For Mingus; Morning Sun; Les Etoiles; Baby I’m A Fool; Who Will Comfort Me; Preacherman; It Gonna Come.

czwartek, 23 czerwca 2016

Maybe I'm Amazed; Heart Of The Country; Jet; Warm And Beautiful; Listen To What The Man Said; Dear Boy; Silly Love Songs; The Song We Were Singing; Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey; Another Day; Sing The Changes; Jenny Wren; Save Us; Mrs Vandebilt; Mull Of Kintyre; Let 'Em In; Let Me Roll It; Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five; Ebony And Ivory; Band On The Run; Arrow Through Me; My Love; Live And Let Die; Too Much Rain; Goodnight Tonight; Say Say Say (2015 Remix); My Valentine; The World Tonight; Pipes Of Peace; Dance Tonight; Here Today; Wanderlust; Great Day; Coming Up; No More Lonely Nights; Only Mama Knows; With A Little Luck; Hope For The Future; Junk.

środa, 22 czerwca 2016

Gentleman; Fool Out Of Me; Still Running; Shadow; Don't Lie To Me; Keep A Light On; Blue For You; Sto lat Ewa; Nadal kocham Cię; Man To Woman.

wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Starry Heavens Above Me...; Mysterious Twilight On A Twin Earth; Across The Galactic Plane; Zodiac Heroes; My God, It's Full Of Stars!; Abyss Of Space; Trapped Inside The Event Horizon; Towards The Apex (State Of Bliss With Mr Eno On Board); Sunrise In A Habitable Zone; The Astronomer.

wtorek, 31 maja 2016

Futurist; Magic; Amongst Trees; Howling; In The Ellipse; The Collector; Boomerang; As The Crow Flies; Psych-Seeing.

środa, 16 marca 2016

Anteny; Czarne usta; Poseidon; Paper Sun; Some Sort of Trouble and The New Artery; Radiotropy; Inny sens niż ten; Tętnice rzek.

poniedziałek, 14 marca 2016

Intro; Mano Sinistra; Sinkadus; Tarantella; Music For The Sun King; The Missing; Frösön; Linton; First Flight Of A Newbird; Passage Europa; Polka Oblivion.

środa, 17 lutego 2016

Chains Of Hope; Roll The Dice Again; Change; Running On Back To You; Walk The Thin Ice; I'll Pray For You; Still Hungry; Gambler's Roll; Lovin' Might Do Us Good; Love You More Tonight.

Lying To Me; I Think I Love You Too Much; Longing For A Woman; If You Want To Play With My Heart; Time Might Never Come; Stay At Mine; You've Changed; Just When You Thought It Was Safe; Whoever Invented Love; The Question Why.

czwartek, 04 lutego 2016

The Girl, The Beat; Sugar Drops; Electric Eel; Fish Tank; Ring The Bell; Crocodile; Tree House; Funny Money; Un Grand Sommeil Noir; Sleeping Beauty; Manic Depression; Night.

wtorek, 19 stycznia 2016

5 A.M.; Rattle That Lock; Faces Of Stone; A Boat Lies Waiting; Dancing Right In Front Of Me; In Any Tongue; Beauty; The Girl In The Yellow Dress; Today; And Then...

poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

Don't Call Me Babe; Love Ain't Never Hurt Nobody; Turn The Lamps Down Low; You Keep Me Hanging On; This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'; Give Me Time; Sure Cure For The Blues; You're Driving Me Crazy; I'll Be There; Satisfy My Soul; Bad News; I'm A Fool For You; Be Cool; I'm Lonesome; Never Let Me Go.

niedziela, 18 października 2015

The Thrill Is Gone; Everybody's Had The Blues; Caldonia; Hummingbird; Ain't That Just Like A Woman; Sweet Sixteen; Woke Up This Morning; Sweet Little Angel; Bad Luck; Three O'Clock Blues; Don't Get Around Much Anymore; Why I Sing The Blues; Shake It Up And Go; Try A Little Tenderness; BB's Theme; All Over Again; I Need You So Bad; If I Lost You; Hard Working Woman; I Was Blind; I'm Gonna Quit My Baby; Please Accept My Love; Rock Me Baby; Whole Lotta Love; You Don't Know Me; At Last.

poniedziałek, 06 lipca 2015

Kansas City; All By Myself; Just A Little Bit; The Seventh Son; Hot Little Mama; Black Night; Money Honey; When Things Go Wrong With You; Bloodshot Eyes; I'm Shakin'; Please Send Me Someone To Love; Keep Your Hands Off Her; All Around The World; Shake Rattle And Roll.

czwartek, 28 maja 2015

Biblioteki; Sun of a Black Hole; Niecodzienność; Korsarze i Lalki.

środa, 27 maja 2015

If You Love Me; The Thrill Is Gone; Rock Me Baby; Please Send Me Someone To Love; Baby I Love You; Ain't Nobody Home; Pauly's Birthday Boogie; There Must Be A Better World Somewhere; Confessin' The Blues; Hummingbird; Bring It Home To Me; Paying The Cost To Be The Boss; Let The Good Times Roll; Dangerous Mood; Keep It Coming; Cryin' Won't Help You Babe; Night Life.

Radiowa piosenka; Druga radiowa piosenka; Najbardziej radiowa piosenka; Najmniej radiowa piosenka; Filmowa piosenka; Ostatnia radiowa piosenka.

czwartek, 21 maja 2015

Walking Dr. Bill; Hold That Train; You're Breaking My Heart; Did You Ever Love A Woman; Going Down Slow; Sneaking Around; Sweet Sixteen; Partin' Time; My Own Fault, Darlin'; You Upset Me, Baby; Bad Luck; Three O'Clock Blues; Woke Up This Morning; Ten Long Years; Every Day (I Have The Blues); Sweet Little Angel.

wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2015

Disembrace; Skin; Yos; No Kingdom; Call Me Home; Flare; Years Of Silence.

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