Recenzje ok. 2500 albumów. Klasyka, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop.
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Yelena Eckemoff
Manu Katché


Radosław Sobczak
Marcin T.Łukaszewski - Piano Etudes

Symfonia Wielkopolska 1918 / Pieśni powstańcze

Zuzanna Lisiecka
Schubert / Liszt - Schwanengesang

Anna Miernik
My Polish Reflection

Bargielski, Krzanowski, Moryto

Wpisy z tagiem: jazz

wtorek, 11 grudnia 2018

Why Did I Choose You; Lucky to Be Me; Wild is the Wind; For All We Know / I'll Be Seeing You; He Needs Me; If You Could See Me Now; I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out of My Life; When I Look in Your Eyes; Hymne á l'amour; The Second Time Around.

Tagi: jazz L
09:15, longplay_2010
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sobota, 08 grudnia 2018

Only Very Few People; Backatcha; 7th Heaven; Joris; Out of Scale; Bobby; Poisoned Wine; Book of Spells.

piątek, 07 grudnia 2018

Lucid Dreaming I; Bubble; Intentions; Wesele (Wedding); Lucid Dreaming III; Product Placement; Crystal; (Bonus).

środa, 05 grudnia 2018

Jestem zbieraczem; Ciężar; Potop; Wszystko ma swój czas; Na skale; Nie wierzę; Historie na pół; Rządy; Stan ten sam; Słabość; Oka błysk.

sobota, 01 grudnia 2018

Lizard's Canteen; Silence; Star Cadillac; Asteroids; Veering Of The Course; Dawg's Love; Hekate; Galactic Collision; Afterthoughts; Internal Anger; Transitions; Back At Lizard's Canteen.

czwartek, 29 listopada 2018

Fast Future; Tension; Szkic; Long Way Home; Another Dimension; Rising; Distorting Mirror; Outro.

Teetisch; Kaffeehausstuhl; Seamless Steel; Freischwinger; Boston Loveseat; Flughafenstuhl; Baukastenmobel; Die Ameise; Windsor Chair; Ulmer Hocker 1-3; Wunderhocker; Teetisch (zusammengeklappt).

Tagi: jazz s
17:00, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 26 listopada 2018

Vorspiel; Party tune; Hipster Vibes; United; Day I; The festival; Stay here.

Tagi: H jazz
13:45, longplay_2010
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Weezdob Collective: Lizards Canteen; Star Cadillac; Galactic Collision; Back at Lizards Canteen;
Dawid Kostka Trio+: Long Way Home; Fast Future Live; Another Dimension.

środa, 21 listopada 2018

"Gramy już 20 lat"; "Poznań Jazz Project"; "From Poznań With Jazz".

The Old City; Jugo de mambo; Human Element; Pwan lajan-lan; Que guapo es mi compay; Leander's Waltz; The Deaf Singer; Cumbia sin cambio; Soukwe soukwe; Santa Barbara Blues.

Tagi: g jazz
17:10, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 20 listopada 2018

OCDC; Jayne; Ghosts; Tomorrow is the Question; Just for You; When Will the Blues Leave; Lonely Woman; PTU.

Tagi: jazz p
11:16, longplay_2010
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Breath Within the Bomb; Surge, Parts 1/2; Evolution; Declarations.

Tagi: H jazz
10:05, longplay_2010
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piątek, 16 listopada 2018

Brigade; Before It's Too Late; Revolution; Ballad about Kalina; In Our Own Way; In Your Own Sweet Way.

środa, 14 listopada 2018

A Holly Jolly Christmas; The Christmas Waltz; Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer; Winter Wonderland; Christmas Time is Here; Home for the Holidays; White Christmas; A Christmas Love Song; Let it Snow!; I'll Be Home for Christmas; Silver Bells; It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year; The Christmas Song.

Tagi: E jazz
15:12, longplay_2010
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One of a Another Kind; Hallucinations; Everything Happens; Autumn In New York; I've Got the World on a String; Segment.

Tagi: H jazz
13:58, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 08 listopada 2018

Barney's Fife; Old, New & Used Testaments; Intimate Adversary; Adamant Inversary; Nineteen Sixty-Five; Twas Never Thus; Jacomo; Three Heads Are Better Than One; Three Free.

Tagi: jazz M
11:28, longplay_2010
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Fried Bananas; Soul Station; On A Misty Night; Infant Eyes; Rocket Love; Inner Urge; The Everywhere Calypso; The Eternal Triangle; Our Miss Brooks.

Tagi: jazz n
09:55, longplay_2010
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środa, 07 listopada 2018

Project No.1; The Legend - So They Say; Zadusza; Basant; Niekochane (Before); Licznik.

wtorek, 06 listopada 2018

Tuto; Ghiati?; Ximeroma; Jesień; To Chieri; Ta Onda; Kuna; Ergho; Pu?; Free.

wtorek, 30 października 2018

Obatalá; Son XXI; Luces; Ochún; Chucho's Mood; 100 Anos de Bebo; El Güije; The Clown.

Tagi: jazz V
14:28, longplay_2010
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Picture of the Past; Lullaby for handful kids; Payed View on Tatra; Little Waltz Wunderlich; My Polish Heart; Back where I belong; Komeda Hommage; A Man of a Big Heart; Taniec Magurski; Elegy.

czwartek, 25 października 2018

Black Button; Home; Hyper; Moon Spice; Loopman; Virus; Catch Me!; Landscapes.

Tagi: J jazz
12:36, longplay_2010
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Take Me To The River; Where The Hell Are You; Crash & Burn; Please Don't Hurt My Baby; I Believe To My Soul; Born On The Bayou; I Have Nothing Left To You; Just Kissed My Baby; Empty Bed Blues; If You Don't Love Me; It's Your Voodoo Working; Spooky.

Tagi: jazz s
10:18, longplay_2010
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