Recenzje ponad 2000 albumów. Klasyka, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop.
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Aleksandra Hortensja DĄBEK

Chopin, Schumann

Roman Maciejewski
Suita Hiszpańska
(premiera 24 sierpnia 2018)

Thicker Than Water

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Kiedy byłem (LP)

Jazz Flute Traditions

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sobota, 22 kwietnia 2017

Lord Greenville; On The Border; Midas Shadow; Sand In Your Shoes; If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It; Flying Sorcery; Broadway Hotel; One Stage Before; Year Of The Cat.

sobota, 04 marca 2017

This Time It's Forever; Only In America; Secret Rendezvous; Slow Motion; What Happened To That Girl?; Rise; Lady In Amsterdam; I'm In Love With A Married Woman; Tomorrow Is Such A Long Time; Forbidden Lovers; That's No Lie; You're My Saviour.

środa, 14 września 2016

Heartbreaker; It Makes No Difference; Yours; Take The Short Way Home; Misunderstood; All The Love In The World; I Can't See Anything (But You); Just One More Night; You Are My Love; Our Day Will Come.

wtorek, 13 września 2016

The Bitch Is Back; Pinky; Grimsby; Dixie Lily; Solar Prestige A Gammon; You're So Static; I've Seen The Saucers; Stinker; Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me; Ticking.

No One Emotion; Please Don't Walk Away; I Just Wanna Hang Around You; Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You; Beyond The Sea; 20/20; New Day; Hold Me; Stand Up; You Are The Love Of My Life.