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czwartek, 22 czerwca 2017

No Time For Snoozin'; In Your Own Sweet Way; There'll Be Other Times; You Know Who; I Could Eat Your Words; Strange Fascination; You Gotta Pay The Band; Everything Is Moving Too Fast; Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado; True; I'm Shadowing You; Melodious Funk; We Never Kissed; It's Cool To Be Cool.

Tagi: jazz M
14:03, longplay_2010
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środa, 21 czerwca 2017

Someday My Prince Will Come; Body and Soul; Summertime; Mood Indigo; Bye Bye Blackbird; Autumn Leaves; Green Dolphin Street; Over the Rainbow; Days of Wine and Roses.

Tagi: b jazz M s
14:19, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 20 czerwca 2017

Running, smoking, talking (no hope); We will rock U; Joanna's secreT; A.S.; Take That; Everybody has to pay their dues.

poniedziałek, 05 czerwca 2017

September Samba; Sonho Da Tarde; Oraçâo Para Amanhâ; Rio De Janeiro; Saudades; Tarde Sonhadora; Amor Brasileiro; O Trem Da Vida; Saudade Do Brasil; A Escada; Tres Estrelas; O Verâo.

Tagi: D jazz M
22:23, longplay_2010
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środa, 31 maja 2017

Better man; Midnight; My firsts ain't my lasts; Michelle; Lustro; Another life; Lie; Mur; Be free; Foreign stranger.

Tagi: M Pop
11:26, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 29 maja 2017

September Fifteenth; When She Is Mine; When This Love Affair Is Over; Sack Full Of Dreams; Crystal Silence; I Never Went Away; Sausalito; Para Nada; Spring Is Where You Are.

Tagi: jazz M
09:00, longplay_2010
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środa, 24 maja 2017

This Is The Moment; You're Still Here with Me; Quelly's Song; Priscilla; Mi Hermano; Freed Indeed; Picture of Hope; My Father's Sky; Imela Chukwu; Amazing Grace; Imela Chukwu Reprise.

Tagi: jazz M
16:09, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 14 maja 2017

I Dig It - You Dig It.; My Kind Of Time; Way Beyond Cave; Outox; Al-Lee; My Kind Of Beauty.

Tagi: jazz M
14:15, longplay_2010
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sobota, 06 maja 2017

Candide Overture; Freedom; White Moon; She Said She Was A Painter; Africa; Summertime; La Fiesta.

czwartek, 06 kwietnia 2017

Johann Sebastian Bach: Koncert C-dur na 2 klawesyny;
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Sonata F-dur na 2 klawesyny;
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata D-dur na 2 klawesyny.

wtorek, 28 marca 2017

Bandoska; Eternity; Elegja Pielgrzyma; I Will Always Love You; Kołysanka Rosemary; Unsound; Prayer; Eksplozja Paranoja; Dziwny jest ten świat; Francois Villon-Modlitwa.

Tagi: jazz M
15:18, longplay_2010
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Bad Ass and Blind; Red, Green, Yellow; Pedal To The Metal; Wings of Mind; If Only; Sound Shadow; Jack (Robert Lorick); You & I; All That I Am; Gotta Gotta Give; Fly Like An Eagle.

Tagi: M Pop
13:04, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 23 marca 2017

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy: Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings in D minor, MWV O 4;
Ernest Chausson: Concerto for Violin, Piano and String Quartet op.21.

Tagi: C classic g k M
16:38, longplay_2010
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Airy; Again; Beam Me Up; Kendrick; Theresien; Resistance; Gospel; Anti What?; Grindelberg.

Tagi: jazz M
14:53, longplay_2010
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piątek, 17 marca 2017

First Contact; Golden; Dreaming Of Love; Membranes; Effigy; Chopi'n'Bass; Seventh Horizon; Eden; Mechanical Cats; Speculum; Membranes 2.0.

czwartek, 16 marca 2017

Crazy People; Kobieta Casanovy; Jazzowe nutki; Two Timin' Man; Wakacje w Bangkoku; Nie teraz; Tropikalny raj;; 10 gorzkich łez; Who's That Knocking At My Heart; Was I Drunk; Wolność osobista; Crazy People (Take 2).

wtorek, 14 marca 2017

Running; Put It On The Line; Disconnected; Ticking Boxes; Whatever; Watch Out; Nicotine; Lobby Call; Hungover; Blame Jerry; Breaking Point.

Tagi: jazz M
11:18, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 13 marca 2017

Bossa nova na prawą nogę; Taniec; Tylko bądź; Poczekalnia; Być bliżej; Chcę; Jestem; Smutny anioł; Rozstanie; Godzina jeszcze młoda; W kąciku; Róża miłości.

Tagi: M Pop
15:33, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 07 marca 2017

sunsail parts #1-3; politeness is god; thrill; motoric animal; a bird in the hand...; swung; bow.

Tagi: jazz M
16:39, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 02 marca 2017

Cztery utwory w polskim stylu na orkiestrę smyczkową; Siedem pieśni kurpiowskich na sopran i orkiestrę; Suita na orkiestrę smyczkową; Koncert na perkusję, harfę i orkiestrę smyczkową.

środa, 01 marca 2017

Mountain Of Freedom; Zostań do jutra; Under The Mask; Last Night's Dream; Taniec zgubionego dźwięku; Game; Welcome Emptiness.

niedziela, 26 lutego 2017

Sanguinaria (Hopefulsong); In From Somewhere; Line for Lyons; Waltz New; New Moon; Norm's Ridge; Country; Falling Grace; A Feeling Inspired by Maria; Bentley's Blues; Great Pumpkin Waltz; In Your Own Sweet Way.

Tagi: jazz M s
15:56, longplay_2010
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sobota, 28 stycznia 2017

Lullaby Of Broadway; (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo; Serenade In Blue; Nagasaki; Jeepers Creepers; I Only Have Eyes For You; Chattanooga Choo Choo; The More I See You; September In The Rain; Blues For Harry; Forty Second Street; We're In The Money; Boulevard Of Broken Dreams; You Again; You Must Have Been A Beatiful Baby; At Last.

Tagi: jazz M w
19:38, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 05 stycznia 2017

on the fourth floor; for sawa; that something between us; a ballad for the trumpet; rumba; a swallows necklace; little hospital; a Turkish melody; music for mr. fortuna. part I inside chords; music for mr. fortuna, part II flying to beijing.

czwartek, 15 grudnia 2016

Here Comes Autumn Again; No Cure; Where Do I Belong?; Hello, How Are You Doing?; She Wonders Why; Family Games; Day and Night; The House is Quiet; Dreaming With Eyes Wide Awake; Yet Another Love Song; Time.

Tagi: jazz M
13:50, longplay_2010
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