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środa, 12 kwietnia 2017

Yesterday's Blues; The Lydian Sharp Enters; After Math; 1st Room; Melancholy Dreams; Dennis fra Venice; 2nd Room; Green Eggs; Duerne Flyver; 3rd Room; Wardencliffe; If I Knew; Lovetune #4.

Tagi: E H jazz
14:38, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 03 kwietnia 2017

Time Line; Watercolors; Poet; Carnival; Something About Nothing; Take The Coltrane; Captain Senor Mouse; Cubano Chant; What's Going On; My One And Only Love.

Tagi: E jazz
22:15, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 08 grudnia 2016
środa, 30 listopada 2016

Intro; New Reality; Tego chciałem; Chcę żyć; Patrz w moje oczy; Egocentryzm; Płyń ze mną; Eintq Travel; Nie bądź na mnie zła...; Trzy historie.

sobota, 22 października 2016

Voyage; How Long Is Now?; Snapchat; Taksim By Night; Little Wing; Trust; Assisi; Kyrie; Each Breath; A Nut; Bruno; Topi; Choral.

Tagi: D E jazz R
21:24, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 02 października 2016

A Tribute to Bix Beiderbecke: Intro Ol’ Man River; At The Jazz Band Ball; Everything That Was; I’m Coming Virginia; Thou Swell; (Tango) In The Dark; At Children‘s Corner; Happy Feet; I’ll Be A Friend With Pleasure; Nix Like Bix; Singin’ The Blues; The Boy From Davenport & The Girl From Ipanema; Jazz Me Blues; Ol’ Man River;
Bix Beiderbecke Original Music: At The Jazz Band Ball; I'm Coming Virginia; Singin' The Blues; Jazz Me Blues; Blue River; Thou Swell; Clarinet Marmalade; Way Down Yonder In New Orleans; Royal Garden Blues; In A Mist.

Tagi: b E jazz
14:00, longplay_2010
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e.s.t. Prelude; From Gagarin’s Point of View; When God Created the Coffeebreak; Seven Days of Falling; Wonderland Suite; Serenade for the Renegade; Dodge the Dodo; Eighthundred Streets by Feet; Viaticum Suite; Behind the Yashmak.

Tagi: E jazz
09:42, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 12 września 2016

Herr Doktor Doktor; Fuga; Tęsknota; Night voyage; So ist das; The meaning of Life; El beso de Despedida; Eis Schuetterung; Nocturne; Miniature; Awakening; Kanon; Szukam; El Suerte; On.

czwartek, 14 lipca 2016

Prologue; Rising From Within; Mushroom Rain; Coffee & Thunderstorm; Spots of Light; Love Train; Leaving Everything Behind; Hope Lives Eternal; Tears of Tenderness; Ocean of Pines; A Date in Paradise.

Tagi: E jazz
09:46, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Jumping in the Water; Flow; Playful Moments; July, Again; Treasures in Havana; Inner Story; What the Heart Sees; Continuance; Domingo; Latin Currents; Gan Ha-Shikmim; Endless Stars.

Tagi: E jazz
16:34, longplay_2010
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środa, 08 czerwca 2016

Green; Moments of Love; Miniatur 2 Hadenei; Evolutienne; Lonely Woman; Evolutism; Miniatur Farben 1; Contenance au Lit; Setup.

Tagi: E H jazz k n
20:55, longplay_2010
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Choralduo; Immer Cool Man / Kommt; Bram Van Velde; Wege / Destille; Nachts Auf Reisen / Was Schlimm Ist; Naturfremdheit; Im Blumengarten; Somewhere Over The Tones; Vom Sprengen Des Gartens; Strange Ballad / Nachtcafe; Nicht Schlecht, Herr Specht; Lydische Ballade; Structus / Aber Du; PH-Wert 2; Dialog Verquer / Eure Etuden; Fur Bela; Silence / Viele Herbste.

Tagi: b E jazz z
14:55, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 10 marca 2016

Ping Pong Pogo; King Korn; Emphasis; Enzym & Eros (Var.2); Both; Syndrome – Narrow Window; Batterie; Scootin’ About; Roomer’s Loot; Sketch No. 5; Mr. Joy.

Tagi: E jazz o
15:04, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 07 marca 2016

I'm Ready; REM I - XI.

czwartek, 29 października 2015

Hipsters Hop; Gavotte I, English Suite No. 6; Charleston; Dream Dancing; Diplomata; Lion's Steps; Ballet Of The Dunes; All You Want To Do Is Dance; Sandancer; Carioca; Premier Bal; Ragtime Dance; Moonlight Serenade; Salir A La Luz; Original Dixieland One Step; Dancing On The Ceiling.

Tagi: E jazz
14:44, longplay_2010
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środa, 14 października 2015

Everblue; All Things, Seen and Unseen; Waves & Shells; Skyline; Sea-Breeze; Prism; Man; Abyss; Ghost of the Dunes; Blue Lamp.

Tagi: E jazz
16:39, longplay_2010
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środa, 27 maja 2015

Porous Phase; Sunblind; Lithosphere; Depths.

Tagi: E jazz
10:45, longplay_2010
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środa, 13 maja 2015

Lions; Migrating Birds; Pursuit; Night IN Savanna; Stars Bathing In Shallow Waters; Young At Play; Sphinx; Simple Pleasures; Lions Blues; Instinct; Surviving The Famine; Joining The Pride; Ode To Innocence; Ode To Strength.

Tagi: E jazz
12:47, longplay_2010
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sobota, 04 kwietnia 2015

Lyd; Deco; Hic; January; The; Nim; Psalm III; Tur I; Unfinished Story; Sange; Tur II.

środa, 04 marca 2015

Morning Sun; Summertime; Nature Boy; Someone Like You; A Child Is Born; Old School Jam; Vibes; Blue In Green; Lights; Goin On Home.

Tagi: E J jazz
20:46, longplay_2010
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sobota, 15 listopada 2014

Slar; Toxic; Adman; Lunt; Gravit; Bribe; Anarchist Anthem; Uwc; Sun.

Tagi: E jazz k V
15:16, longplay_2010
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środa, 03 września 2014

Akumulatorres; Dobre Mzimu; Rozmyślania nad Jeziorem Czad; Kilka ciepłych słów.

wtorek, 12 sierpnia 2014

Cassini; Zen Tauri; New Wonder; Archetype; Arvo; Notre Dame; Mare Profondo; Nothing Matters; Companion Star; Notre Dame Reprise.

Tagi: E jazz
11:27, longplay_2010
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sobota, 03 maja 2014

cracks; snow; dare; light; choose; puzzles; follow; muse; infinite; inbetween; time.

Tagi: E jazz
21:03, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 24 marca 2014

Melting Ice; Glass Song; Cloud Break; Polarity; Dripping Icicles; Sweet Dreams; Whistle Song; Sunny Day In The Woods; Elegy; March Rain.

Tagi: E jazz
12:40, longplay_2010
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