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środa, 12 lipca 2017

Who Was Essad Bey?; Die Drittelosung; Joseph; Der Bolscewismus tragt die Fratze als Gesicht; Reborn In Displacement; Konstantinopel; The Streets Of Charlottengrad; Links-Rechts-Schwache; Oy Vey; Ostbanhof; Prince Of The Orient; Who Was Kurban Said?; Ali and Nino; Kiss In Tiflis; Fascho-Lovchen; Alilushka; Die In Positano; Who Was Essad Bey, Reprise.

Balkan Winds; Lullaby for an Unborn Child; Peacock Dance; Dawn Song; Somewhere...; Act 3; Aura; Sunrise in Chennai; R.I.EP.

Tagi: g H jazz L
13:03, longplay_2010
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Ad Libitum No. 1; Hanna is Here; This is for Ornette; Angry Little Pig; Who Never Came Back; Don't Turn Back; Nu Blue; Ad Libitum No. 2; Pannon Betyars on the Land of the Pampas.

Tagi: b jazz L
11:29, longplay_2010
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