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poniedziałek, 16 kwietnia 2012

FILIPOWICZ QUINTET: Jazz Tribute To Michael Jackson /CD 2012 (2011), Polskie Radio SA/
Thriller; Rock With You; Billie Jean; Black or White; Smooth Criminal; Bad; The Way You Make Me Feel; You Are Not Alone; I Just Cant Stop Lovin You

JASKUŁKE & WYLEŻOŁ: Duodram Lalala koncert /CD 2012 (2011), Alejazz/
Kind Folk; My Way; Piece For Wietek; S Boogie Man; Prelude Op.0; Movement I

czwartek, 12 kwietnia 2012

A-KINETON /CD 2011, Owoc Music/
A-kineton; Bleak Sun; Solaris; Dancing Queen; Half Life; Indian Driver; Time for sheeps and dogs; The Tree

środa, 11 kwietnia 2012

CURTIS SALGADO: Soul Shot /CD 2012, Alligator Records/
What You Gonna Do?; Love Comfort Zone; Gettin' To Know You; She Didn't Cut Me Loose; Nobody But You; Let Me Make Love To You; Love Man; He Played His Harmonica; Baby, Let Me Take You In My Arms; Strung Out; A Woman Or The Blues

Tagi: s
13:13, longplay_2010
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ELA MIELCZAREK: ElaeLa /CD 2012, Metal Mind/
Mgła nad miastem; Kołysanka; Przestrzeń będzie; Spacer nad jeziorem; Mississippi; Wyszedłeś; Opowieść mam; Żółty balonik; Zaśpiewać ci chcę

SBB: SBB /2012, Metal Mind/
Piwnica; Niemen; Bunkry Wiedeńskie; 74; Zwątpienie Lakisa; Aries; Urodziny w Roskilde; Rozstanie; Ameryka; Nowy Wiek; Lot nad Chicago; Seged; Muzy; Memento; Zaufanie; Requiem
środa, 04 kwietnia 2012

ALEXANDRA LEHMLER: No Blah Blah /CD 2012 (2011), Jazz'n'Arts/
Feeling Round; Opener; Felina By Night; Liegt Alles Noch Vor Uns; All Alone; Wind, Sand, Sea, Me; Mo; Supergau; Vicious Circles; Nach Der Rodung; Schleierwolken

Tagi: jazz L
03:34, longplay_2010
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Pocket -Ticket; My Home; -34°C Sunny / +29°C Humid; A Ballad For White Flowers; Hong -Kong; Stars' Stairs.

Tagi: jazz T
03:33, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 29 marca 2012
ENSEMBLE LIBERTANGO: El Porteno /CD 2012 (2011), Laika/
Preparense; / Primavera portena; Lo que vendra; De contrapunto; El aeroplano; Triunfal/; /Verano porteno; Malandraca; Bordoneo y 900; Desde el alma; Zum/; /Otono porteno; Ballada para un Loco; Nocturna; Lagrimas y sonrisas; Nostalgias/; /Invierno porteno; Libertango/

Tagi: E jazz
20:12, longplay_2010
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TIPITINA: Taking Care of Business /CD 2012, Big Bear Records/
Hey Pocky Way; Brickyard Blues; Louisiana 1927; Fass Medley (Mardi Gras I New Orleans / Big Chief / Tipitina); You Know I'm No Good / Tico Tico; You Are A Blessing (unedited version); Rockin' Pneumonia and The Boogie Wookie Flu; Taking Care of Business; Sweet Lover; Such A Night; Feels Like Home; You, Me and The Keys; Mama Don't Allow; Sweet Louisiana

MARY CAREWE, PHILIP MAYERS: Serious Cabaret /CD 2012, Orchid Classic/
Diamonds Are Forever; What Good Would The Moon Be?;I Can't Be Talkin' Of Love; O Just Suppose; Poor Little Rich Girl; Promiscuity; Aria; Over The Piano; Maskulinum – Femininum; It's All A Swindle; Herr Bombardil; Hitler; I'm A Stranger Here Myself; At The Last Lousy Moments Of Love; Letter To Freddy; Solitary Hotel; Do It Again; Candy Machine; Toothbrush Time; Romanzo (Di Central Park); Three; Then; O Close The Curtain; Mad Dogs And Englishmen; Where Is Love?

Tagi: C M Pop
20:10, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 27 marca 2012

CHRISTOPH TITZ: Here & Now /CD 2012, Maroty Music/
Lenz; I'm Surprised; Your Things; Wary Steps; All Good Things Come In Threes; Try To Sleep; Promener; Lost In Reverie; Home; Bajka Iskierki; Rosemary's Love; Wszystko Ci dam; Without Restlessness; That's The Way It Was; Your First Night

Tagi: T
01:26, longplay_2010
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HANS KWAKKERNAAT: Hello Oscar /CD 2012 (2011) HGBS/
Naptown Blues; Exactly Like You; Watch What Happens; Falling In Love With Love; Who Can I Turn On; Kelly's Blues; Swinging On A Star; People; Seven Come Eleven; Witchcraft

Tagi: jazz k p
01:25, longplay_2010
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JOHANNES MOSSINGER: Poetry /2012 (2011), HGBS/
When God Takes A Break; Paraphrase; Joanna's Dance; Accept The Unacceptable; Promenade; Tequila And Salt; Into The Future; The Yellow Way; Nothing Is Real; Invention; Pictures Of Love; One More Blues; Juli P

Tagi: jazz M
01:24, longplay_2010
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YURI HONING Acoustic Quartet: True /CD 2012, Challenge Records/
True; Paper Bag; End of Friedrichsheim; Borhardt; Paper Bag (reprise); Bring me the discoking; Yasutani; Nobody Knows; True (reprise)

Tagi: H jazz
01:23, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 18 marca 2012

GARY GUTHMAN: Solar Eclipse /CD 2011 Polskie Radio SA/
Behind Closed Doors; A Sea Apart; Medicine Man; Di Trevi; The Liars Club; Gentlemen's Playground; Sarah's Waltz; Bajan Secret; David's Dream; Solar Eclipse

Tagi: g jazz
16:41, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 15 marca 2012
GRAŻYNA AUGUŚCIK Group: Live Sounds Live /CD 2007 (2006) GMA/
Introduction; Don't explain; Blue skies; Silver Moonlight; Matulu / Mother; Until it's time for you to go; River
GRAŻYNA AUGUŚCIK: The Light /CD 2005 (2004) GMA/
Until it's time for you to go; Don't explain; Apelo; Chorado; For all we know; If I were blue; Pradizer Adeus; Memoria a Fado; Pray
poniedziałek, 12 marca 2012
The NU BAND: Relentlessness. Live At The Sunset /CD 2011, Marge/
Seventh Heaven; Parallel Realities; Camel Caravan; Relentlessness; Little Piece; BH and I

Tagi: jazz n
16:08, longplay_2010
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piątek, 09 marca 2012
Robert KUBISZYN: Before Sunrise /CD 2010, Universal/
Short Story; Son Of The Sun; Life's Journey; Tak Wyjść; Last Call; Before Sunrise; Możesz Żyć; Nothing More Than Illusion; The Dreamcatcher; Event Horizon; Closed Chapter

Marek NAPIÓRKOWSKI: Wolno /CD 2007, Universal/
The Long And Winding Road; The Sum Of All Days; Vietato Fumare; Wolno; Miró; Gotlandia; Rueda; Ravelo; Between A Smile And A Tear

piątek, 02 marca 2012
MEDESKI MARTIN & WOOD: Friday Afternoon In The Universe /CD 1995, Gramavision/
The Lover; Paper Bass; House Mop; Last Chance To Dance Trance (Perhaps); Baby Clams; We're So Happy; Shack; Tea; Chinoiserie; Between Two Limbs; Sequel; Friday Afternoon In The Universe; Billy's Tool Box; Chubb Sub; Khob Khun Krub (Thai for ''Thank You'')

Tagi: jazz M
21:55, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 28 lutego 2012

IMAGINATION QUARTET: Imagination Quartet /CD 2011 Anaconda/
Diversions; Light In The Blind Alley; Rain And Cigarettes; Question; Yellow Snow; Maybe This Is Invention; Ewu; Grow Up; Bazyliszek; Star Wars; Morning Things

Tagi: i jazz
03:06, longplay_2010
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Janusz ZDUNEK + Marienburg: Miasto Nic /CD 2008, Okno Records/
Autonaprawa; Miasto; Marsz; Coda; Naprawa obrazów; Jass Yass; Nic

sobota, 25 lutego 2012

Przemysław STRĄCZEK & Teriver Cheung: Evans /CD 2012 (2011) Es art/
Opener; Waltz For Debby; Time Remembered; Peri's Scope; Very Early; Funkallero; Turn Out The Stars; Walking Up; Waltz New; Mazurek F Dur