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wtorek, 18 lipca 2017

Shadowboxing; Footprints; New You; Passion Flower; Strykin' Ahead; Blues Down Deep; Joy Spring; Who Can I Turn To; Donna Lee.

Tagi: jazz s
17:14, longplay_2010
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The Legals Have a Lunch; Doomsday Clock; Chicha Revolución; Carry Me To My Grave; Screaming; Dadaab; Freedom of Consumption; Angola; Manifest Dust Bunny; Water Beats Rock; Solidaridad de la Sierra; Audacity of Drones; Beyond Vietnam; Space Witch; Scrapple from the DAPL; New Sanctuary Movement; Cabinet For Sale; Stump Stomp; Cheeto News Coma; Survival of the Oblivious; Ambush ICE; A Call For All Demons; American Food Chain.

Tagi: f jazz
14:05, longplay_2010
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Knoxville Girl Intro; Hungry Hash House; When I Was Single; Knoxville Girl; Little Sadie; One Car Funeral; Midnight On The Stormy Deep.

poniedziałek, 17 lipca 2017

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas; Santa Claus is Coming to Town; We Three Kings of Orient Are; Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel; Baby It's Cold Outside; It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; Greensleeves; Christmas Time is Here; I'll be Home for Christmas; The Christmas Song.

Tagi: jazz p
21:40, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 13 lipca 2017

Oliam; Red; Traum im Traum; Spechtony; Melaton; Dawn; Smoke.

Tagi: jazz M Q
16:46, longplay_2010
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Dirty Smelly; I am 3 I Wanna Sing; He Woke Up; The Best Fuck I Ever Had; Today At 18:00; Sister Singing.

Kasia; Beatiful Girls From...; Zły Stan Torów; Onitnarat; Timmy 3000; Amelia Hopes.

środa, 12 lipca 2017

Who Was Essad Bey?; Die Drittelosung; Joseph; Der Bolscewismus tragt die Fratze als Gesicht; Reborn In Displacement; Konstantinopel; The Streets Of Charlottengrad; Links-Rechts-Schwache; Oy Vey; Ostbanhof; Prince Of The Orient; Who Was Kurban Said?; Ali and Nino; Kiss In Tiflis; Fascho-Lovchen; Alilushka; Die In Positano; Who Was Essad Bey, Reprise.

Balkan Winds; Lullaby for an Unborn Child; Peacock Dance; Dawn Song; Somewhere...; Act 3; Aura; Sunrise in Chennai; R.I.EP.

Tagi: g H jazz L
13:03, longplay_2010
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Ad Libitum No. 1; Hanna is Here; This is for Ornette; Angry Little Pig; Who Never Came Back; Don't Turn Back; Nu Blue; Ad Libitum No. 2; Pannon Betyars on the Land of the Pampas.

Tagi: b jazz L
11:29, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 11 lipca 2017

Togo; Zea; Lad's Dance; Grazing Yonder, Six Bay Horses; Free; Homeward Bound; Falling Gently; Get Your Skates on, Mick!

Tagi: D jazz p
16:53, longplay_2010
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Salutations; Fingerdeep; Missing Persons Report; Beneath the Cobbles; Heartstack; Lime Works; Queens Gothic; Hunger.

Tagi: a jazz
14:23, longplay_2010
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Summer Smells: Blooming Tall Phlox, Apples laid out on the floor, Baba Liza's Singer, Old-fashioned bread store, Wildflower meadows, Fish fried on open fire, Sleeping in the tent, Pine needles warmed by the sun; Winter Smells: Smoke from the house chimneys in frosty air, Talks over hot tea, Grandpa Lera's bookcase, Clementines and candies on Christmas Tree, Mommy's shawl, Aunt Galya's perfume, Scented candles and sparkling wine.

Tagi: E jazz
13:32, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 10 lipca 2017

In The Countryside; Blues For Kosice; Sometimes I Touch Your Soul; Room Nr.2015; May In Kosice; Zemplinsky Fair; Blues From Orava; Bartók's Room.

Tagi: H jazz
15:43, longplay_2010
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Vitamins; Twango; 9; Krag Jorgensen; Frenetic; Beans; Ape Dance; Ha-Ha; Circles; Something.

Tagi: jazz k
14:18, longplay_2010
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Moments (Prologue); The Lost Origin; Opium; Critical Level; Still Here (She Was); Moments (Epilogue); It Starts Now.

czwartek, 06 lipca 2017

I Trio fortepianowe d-moll, op.32; II Trio fortepianowe f-moll, op.73.

Henryk Mikołaj Górecki: II Symfonia Kopernikowska op. 31;
Mikołaj Górecki: Jasności promieniste;
ks. prof. Michał Heller: Wsłuchani we wszechświat.

Dark Lights; Blaue Kreise; Run; Arabesque; Crum; Humpty Dumpty; Enge Bewegung; Spring Rites; One Note Shuffle; Punkte; Tanz der Mikroben; Blaue Kreise (Reprise).

Tagi: jazz L
12:29, longplay_2010
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środa, 05 lipca 2017

After the Cowboy met the Bear; Ornette's Clockwork; Polderlucht; Bayachrimae (Part 2); Gimpy; Cookies; Taborn; Impro 1013; Frankie; Floating; Bright Light; Bayaka..ka..ka..ka; Pasteis de Nata; Bayachrimae (Part 1).

Tagi: E jazz
16:52, longplay_2010
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Gregorian chants from the Graz 807 codex, a gradual from the early twelfth century
(The four part communios are from the Heinrich Isaac's collection Choralis Constantinus.)

Pulvis; Ventus; Mycelia.

Tagi: jazz n
13:48, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 04 lipca 2017

Teardrop; Something Personal; Birthday Song; Crazy Love; Sunrise; Mr. Blacksmith; Garana; I.E.Q.; Dormitory Groove.

The White Birds Of Qizilagac; Up Lahij Mountains; On The Trail Of Shirvan's Gazelles; On The Absheron Hook; Wild Wind Of Zuvend; Hirkan's Colors; The Breath Of An Caspian Volcano.

Tagi: jazz s
11:53, longplay_2010
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Cries Like A Baby; You; Scatterheart; Dynamite; Waterfall; Just A Little Teardrop; Should Have Known Better; All Our Treasures Lost; Er Jeg Den.

Tagi: jazz L R
10:30, longplay_2010
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