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niedziela, 29 stycznia 2017

Crystal Mallet; Rio; This Is What The Silence Sounds Like; Transfusion; Morning Song; Sambadharma; Heartsong; Vincent; Cool Desert Rondo; Kayak; Pramantha; Fortune Teller; Lime Juice; Waverider; Let's Stay Together; Hymn For G.P.; Brasil's Hold On Me; Four Brothers; Mood Vibe; Blue Tango; Snakey; Slo Burn 68; Mango Man; Some Uptown Hip-Hop.

Tagi: jazz L
22:18, longplay_2010
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sobota, 28 stycznia 2017

Prelude; Q-Tippin; Brothers; Hymn; The Alchemist; Dog Days; Abacus; Uptown; Home.

Tagi: jazz s
22:20, longplay_2010
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Lullaby Of Broadway; (I've Got A Gal In) Kalamazoo; Serenade In Blue; Nagasaki; Jeepers Creepers; I Only Have Eyes For You; Chattanooga Choo Choo; The More I See You; September In The Rain; Blues For Harry; Forty Second Street; We're In The Money; Boulevard Of Broken Dreams; You Again; You Must Have Been A Beatiful Baby; At Last.

Tagi: jazz M w
19:38, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 26 stycznia 2017

Słowo Jana Pawła II; Chorał gregoriański: Rorate Caeli; Rorate Caeli; Kyrie Fons Bobitatis; Christe; Ultimum Kyrie; Kyrie i Gloria; Patrem Sollemne; Credo; Date Siceram Moerentibus; Sanctus; Tantum Ergo Sacramentum; Benedictus; Agnus Dei; Non Mortui Laudabunt te Domine; De Profundis Clamavi; Sepulto Domino; Salve Regina; Gaude Mater Polonia.

Seven Oaks; Preludium; Zeusler; Wig Alert; If Two Colossuses; Don Clemenza.

Tagi: jazz s
14:26, longplay_2010
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Cloud Chamber; Five Senses; Like Mountain Birds; A Night With You, Gone; The Graceful Seal; Heaven's Gourd; Chiec Khan Pieu; Monkey Queen; Beggar's Love Song; Silently Grows The Rice.

środa, 25 stycznia 2017

Ciekawostka; Mosaic; Ciacho; Grajmy jazz; Podróże Artura; Teaser; Chill z Krainy Ozz; Kiedyś.

Tagi: D Pop
16:00, longplay_2010
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Opus Espresso; Q1; The Man I Love; Pit Stop Ball Ad; Eliza; Opus Walk; Gloomy Sunday; Opus Search; Memories of You; Cuba, North Rhine Westphalia.

Tagi: b jazz
14:30, longplay_2010
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Just Your Fool; Commit A Crime; Blue And Lonesome; All Of Your Love; I Gotta Go; Everybody Knows About My Good Thing; Ride 'Em On Down; Hate To See You Go; Hoo Doo Blues; Little Rain; Just Like I Treat You; I Can't Quit You Baby.

Echologicznie; Fałes; Głos na samotność; Horror; Wieczór; Jak muchę; Na zewnątrz; Pod ranek; Światłowody.

niedziela, 22 stycznia 2017

Magnificat Anima Mea Dominum; Et Exultavit Spiritus Meus; Quia Respexit Humilitatem; Quia Fecit Mihi Magna; Et Misericordia Eius; Fecit Potentiam; Deposuit Potentes; Esurientes; Suscepit Israel; Sicut Locutus Est; Gloria.

sobota, 21 stycznia 2017

Calling You; As Time Goes By; En Man; Out Here On My Own; Why Should I Care; The Book Of Love; Love Song For A Vampire; Kiss From A Rose; Angel; New World; Smile.

Tagi: jazz T
21:38, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 19 stycznia 2017

Sándor Rózsa; 9 and a Half Weeks; The Funeral of the General; Öt-lett.

Tagi: b jazz
17:04, longplay_2010
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Games (selection); Suite for Four Hands.

The Altar; Circle Music Parts 1-4; Akropolis; Slightly Confiscated; Fornax; Dragon; Antlia; The Underdog.

Tagi: i jazz
10:08, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 17 stycznia 2017

Lavina; I; 8000; K2; Jesienny; Deszcz; Zamach stanu.

Diamond Sutra Reader; The fountain of soul; Shinnahgeh; Afro blue; Dance for Victor; Mermaid; Distance; September song; Let's fall in love; New Arirang; Goodbye song.

Tagi: L Pop
12:33, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 15 stycznia 2017
sobota, 14 stycznia 2017

Mistress Prayer; Satidfying Her Lord & Mysterious Caverns; Tower's Prayer; Netherworld Cavern; Tomb of the Gods Cavern; Barcarolle; Knives at War; Mourning & She Who Annihilates the Ignorant Caverns; Ra Calls the Rams; Envelopes Her Images & Uniting Darkness Caverns; Removing Her Ba-Souls Cavern; Ra Dances With Rams; Great of Torches Cavern; Dawn March.

Tagi: jazz s
15:43, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 05 stycznia 2017

on the fourth floor; for sawa; that something between us; a ballad for the trumpet; rumba; a swallows necklace; little hospital; a Turkish melody; music for mr. fortuna. part I inside chords; music for mr. fortuna, part II flying to beijing.

środa, 04 stycznia 2017

Pogrzeb jazzu; Nierwana; My live is crazy; 103 C; Smutny Sławek; Kurt Cobain at disco; Speedball; 200 pięści; Wkręcony na Maxa; Power Rangers go to hell; Niestrój zdobi człowieka.

Be by me Tonight; Exiled; The Last Question; Come on!; Epigram; Little Bird in the Lee; Gratitude; Auntie; These Fairies again; Nevermind Sweetheart; Kosztka.

Tagi: b jazz
13:32, longplay_2010
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Bienvenido Stranger; Blue Beard; The Debt 1: Burning House; The Debt 2: Military Recruitment / Verbunk; The Debt 3: Shepherd / Kecskes; Say Hello (at least); Paros Island; Noisy Loneliness / Bruyantes Solitudes; Menenghina (A Courtesan's Ballad); The Dilemma; The Debt 4: Accompaniment to a Dead Man.

Tagi: jazz p
11:19, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 29 grudnia 2016

For D.; Robin; At Home; The Teacher; One Brother, One Sister; The End; The Night; Together in Rush.

Moonlit Night; Eb+; Tell Me There'll Be Better Days; ABC; When You Feel Sad; Nardis; Very Little Waltz; Macka.

Tagi: a jazz
12:32, longplay_2010
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