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czwartek, 06 lipca 2017

Dark Lights; Blaue Kreise; Run; Arabesque; Crum; Humpty Dumpty; Enge Bewegung; Spring Rites; One Note Shuffle; Punkte; Tanz der Mikroben; Blaue Kreise (Reprise).

Tagi: jazz L
12:29, longplay_2010
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środa, 05 lipca 2017

After the Cowboy met the Bear; Ornette's Clockwork; Polderlucht; Bayachrimae (Part 2); Gimpy; Cookies; Taborn; Impro 1013; Frankie; Floating; Bright Light; Bayaka..ka..ka..ka; Pasteis de Nata; Bayachrimae (Part 1).

Tagi: E jazz
16:52, longplay_2010
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Gregorian chants from the Graz 807 codex, a gradual from the early twelfth century
(The four part communios are from the Heinrich Isaac's collection Choralis Constantinus.)

Pulvis; Ventus; Mycelia.

Tagi: jazz n
13:48, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 04 lipca 2017

Teardrop; Something Personal; Birthday Song; Crazy Love; Sunrise; Mr. Blacksmith; Garana; I.E.Q.; Dormitory Groove.

The White Birds Of Qizilagac; Up Lahij Mountains; On The Trail Of Shirvan's Gazelles; On The Absheron Hook; Wild Wind Of Zuvend; Hirkan's Colors; The Breath Of An Caspian Volcano.

Tagi: jazz s
11:53, longplay_2010
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Cries Like A Baby; You; Scatterheart; Dynamite; Waterfall; Just A Little Teardrop; Should Have Known Better; All Our Treasures Lost; Er Jeg Den.

Tagi: jazz L R
10:30, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 03 lipca 2017

Intro; Marnie; Raw; Ambre; Mermaid' Lament; A Change; Klaus; Pale Days; Saturnine; The Gifts Of The Moon; Satin Will; No Time; Outro.

piątek, 30 czerwca 2017

Józef Elsner: Kwartet fortepianowy Es-dur op.15;
Emanuel Kania: Trio fortepianowe g-moll.

Tambourin chinois, Op.3; Chanson Louis XIII et Pavane; Allegretto; Slavonic Dance, No.2; Dirge of the North; Liebesleid; Liebesfreud; Schon Rosmarin; Syncopation; Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven; Indian Lament; Marche miniature viennoise; Humoreske, Op.101, No.7; La Gitana; Gypsy Caprice; Andante cantabile, Op.11; Toy Soldier's March; Recitativo und Scherzo-Caprice, Op.6; Midnight Bells; Caprice viennois, Op.2; Praeludium und Allegro.

czwartek, 29 czerwca 2017

Ludwig van Beethoven: Cello Sonata in C major No.4, Op.102 No.1; Dmitri Shostakovich: Sonata for Cello and Piano in D minor, Op.40; Jeajoon Ryu: Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1.

środa, 28 czerwca 2017

6 wariacji F-dur na temat własny; Sonata nr 30 E-dur; Sonata nr 8 C-moll Patetyczna.

III Kwartet smyczkowy "Na polskie tematy ludowe"; IV Kwartet smyczkowy; V Kwartet smyczkowy.

Dawid Lubowicz: Ballad on the Death of Janosik; Karol Szymanowski: String Quartet No.2; Karol Szymanowski / Paweł Kochański: Highlander Dance from the ballet Harnasie; Krzysztof Lenczowski: Iława; Grażyna Bacewicz: Concerto for String Orchestra; Krzysztof Lenczowski: Namysłowiak; Mikołaj Górecki: Concerto-Notturno.

wtorek, 27 czerwca 2017

Ludwig van Beethoven: Thirty-three variations on a waltz by Anton Diabelli for piano in C major, Op. 120;
Jeajoon Ryu: Suite per pianoforte.

The Mind Reader; Mystical; Urban Soul; You're in My Dreams; Something Sweet; The Holyman; Deep; Don't Look Back; Angie; The Eye Of The Storm.

Tagi: jazz u
14:07, longplay_2010
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Prelude in A minor; Prelude in E minor; Prelude in B minor; Mazurka in C major (transcription in D major); Mazurka in A minor; Waltz in A minor; Etude in C sharp minor (transcription in E minor); Nocturne in C sharp minor "Lento con gran espressione"; Spring; Troubled Waters; Remembrance; Lithuanian Song.

poniedziałek, 26 czerwca 2017

Jean-Babtiste Lully: Suita z opery Armide LWV 71; Francois Couperin: Sonata en Quatour La Sultane; Marin Marais: Suita z opery Ariane et Bacchus; Michel Corrente: Koncert D-dur Le Phenix; Andre Campra: Suita z opery Tancrede.

Hesitated; Quasi da lontano; De Ira; Memorial; Dirge; Passamezzo ongaro per trio; Zeno's Aporia; Your Beauty Behind the Veil.

Tagi: jazz k
15:45, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 22 czerwca 2017

Wohin? 2013; Heraclitus in H; Heraclitian Tear-drop; Heraclitus Adverbial; "which half is never the same?"; Concolazione (something lost: echo); Songs of Innocence and Experience; Pavane.

All or Nothing At All; Willow Weep For Me; Moonlight Serenade; My Funny Valentine; Embraceable You; Why Don't You Do Right?; Girl Talk; Crazy; Close Your Eyes; How Insensitive; Break It To Me Gently; In The We Small Hours.

Tagi: jazz s
15:20, longplay_2010
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No Time For Snoozin'; In Your Own Sweet Way; There'll Be Other Times; You Know Who; I Could Eat Your Words; Strange Fascination; You Gotta Pay The Band; Everything Is Moving Too Fast; Cuando Vuelva A Tu Lado; True; I'm Shadowing You; Melodious Funk; We Never Kissed; It's Cool To Be Cool.

Tagi: jazz M
14:03, longplay_2010
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środa, 21 czerwca 2017

Intro; Interplay I. - Outside; Gardening; Hommage; Interplay II. - Inside; Holding Your Hand, 150 Seconds Before Midnight; Transparent Afternoon; Sea at Second Sight; Lullaby Under The Sky.

Tagi: D jazz
16:58, longplay_2010
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Someday My Prince Will Come; Body and Soul; Summertime; Mood Indigo; Bye Bye Blackbird; Autumn Leaves; Green Dolphin Street; Over the Rainbow; Days of Wine and Roses.

Tagi: b jazz M s
14:19, longplay_2010
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