Recenzje ponad 2000 albumów. Klasyka, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Pop.
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Poznań Jazz - Young & Power

Piano Music From Leipzig
(premiera 1 marca 2019)

Roman Palester
Muzyka kameralna 1

Michał JAROS
Floating Bridges

Marta KLOUCKOVA Quartet
Loving Season

The Beginnings

poniedziałek, 08 października 2018

Aaron Alter: Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry; Christos Sp. Anastassiou: Echomorphes; Greg Bartholomew: Gusts and Zephyrs; Spiros Mazis: Celestial Colours; Yiola Voutsina-Papagiannidi: Three miniatures; Elena Papari: Monsoon; Louis Sauter: Las bodas de Helena - Tango; Dimitris Tsimpanos: Three miniatures; Yiorgos Vassilandonakis: Yarnaire; Gerassimos Voutsinas: Five miniatures.

środa, 03 października 2018

Aaron Alter: Dance for Apollo; Christos Sp. Anastassiou: Satsang; Evangelos Andrikos: Bags; Nikos Athanassakis: Fluet; Andrzej Borzym: Scherzettino; Scott Brickman: Scherzo ala Polonaise; Aris Carastathis: Uknown; Ricky Chaggar: Sorrow for Two; Marcel Chyrzyński: Follow the White Rabbit; Dorothee Eberhardt: Across the Sea; Stephen de Filippo: Micropraxis; Robert Fruehwald Arupadhatu: The Formless World; Keith R. Gambling: Grace and Gratitude; Alexandros Georgiadis: Chase; Alessandro Giannotti Diavoli: Blu; Chris Hung: Divertimento; Anicia Kohler: Church Bells in a Wasteland; Dimitris Kostopoulos: Fossil Forest; Martin Lennartz: Lamentabile; Dianna Link: Gratus; Dimitrios Mantzirakis: Louie and Lulu; Spiros Mazis: The stormless breaths of gentle winds; Elena Papari: Lune d' aout; Athina Pavlaki-Pirounia: Antichiseis; Richard Pressley: Remplage, Schattengesang, Lépia; Ailís Ní Ríain: Highfalutin; Louis Sauter: µMesse; José Jesus de Azevedo Souza: Exotic Delight; Stamatia Statherou: Dancing in the Dusk; Greg A Steinke: Van Gogh Vignettes; Neil Stipp: Classical Prelude, Mysterious Dream, Chromatic Fantasy; Panagiotis Theodossiou: Chromatic Variations; William Toutant: Fluet; Michail Travlos: Homophony, Heterophony; Dimitris Tsimbanos: Antilalos; Juan Carlos Vasquez: Pedesis; Jean-Pierre Vial: Minuetto, La Marche des Canards; Daniele Vulpiani: Rayogram; Rodney Waschka: II Film Noir Trailer; Anthony Whittaker: Dialogando.

wtorek, 02 października 2018

Rekindled; Wind-Up Tuesday; Preludend; Esteem; Roadrunner; Flashback; Hectic; Karate.

czwartek, 27 września 2018

Superstition; Gottaluvit; One Song; The Road's My Middle Name; Pay For It; Flowers on the Wall; Billions; I Just Want To Celebrate; Diamonds; My Love; Use Me.

Tagi: jazz V
15:33, longplay_2010
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Full Turn; Hidden World; Circles; Something About; Poema; Dreamcatcher; To be or not to be.

Visions; One Step Ahead; By Myself; The Sweetest Sounds; Ever Since The One I Love's Been Gone; A Clef; Obsession; Wild Is Love; J’ai L’cafard; Somewhere; The Gentleman Is A Dope; Trouble Is A Man; Were Thine That Special Face; I’ve Got Your Number; Tell Me Why; Everything I've Got Belongs To To You; The Peacocks.

Tagi: jazz M
11:51, longplay_2010
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środa, 26 września 2018

Rebel Music; Fight For Freedom; Yesterday; Sangueo Soul; Sunday Mornings; Frankenstein; Her Song; Samba De Vella; Rhodes To Meditation.

Tagi: jazz s
14:25, longplay_2010
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Hey, It's Me You're Talkin' To; The Rhythm of the Road; Train; Blues for Kazu; A Flower is a Lovesome Thing; "Birds of a Feather..."; Without a Doubt; Bachianas Brasileiras No.5; After the Rain.

Tagi: jazz o
12:38, longplay_2010
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Buddha; Cold World; Over You; White Man; Tell Me; Sugar Daddy; When It Ends; Just Like Jenny; Jealousy; Shinanigins; But He Loves Me; Witness.

Tagi: g Pop
10:55, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 24 września 2018

Sonata nr 1 h-moll BWV 1014; Sonata nr 2 A-dur BWV 1015; Sonata nr 3 E-dur BWV 1016.

Tagi: b classic
14:22, longplay_2010
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Kyrie; Christe; Kyrie da capo; Gloria; Qui Tollis; Quoniam; Credo; Et Incarnatus; Et Resurexit; Sanctus; Pleni; Benedictus; Osanna; Agnus Dei; Dona Nobis.

Tagi: classic z
12:39, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 20 września 2018

Vladislav Zolotaryov: Sonata No. 3;
Sofia Gubaidulina: Sonata „Et Expecto”;
Vyatcheslav Semionov: Sonata No. 3 “Reminiscence of the Future”.

Tagi: classic M
15:02, longplay_2010
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9 Preludiów op.1; II Sonata A-dur op. 21; Mazurki op. 50 (nr 14 i 15); Etiuda b-moll op. 4 nr 3.

Tagi: classic s
12:43, longplay_2010
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Menuet G-dur Op.14 nr 1; Nokturn B-dur Op.16 nr 4; Toccata "Na pustyni" Op.15; Melodia Ges-dur Op.16 nr 2; Sonata Es-moll Op.21.

Tagi: classic p s
11:19, longplay_2010
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środa, 19 września 2018

NonSimfonia V (a Sfarsiturilor); PreSimfonia VI (a Începuturilor)

Tagi: classic n
16:00, longplay_2010
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Charming Chimes / Joker & Thief; Been There; Done That; Missed The Date / Bought The T-Shirt; Le Deserteur; Skizze #3; Chestnut; Cardboard Sea / Charming Chimes; Le Deserteur (Reprise).

Tagi: b jazz
11:49, longplay_2010
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poniedziałek, 17 września 2018

House Of Vibes; Mister Snacky; Bobby Land; Those Venetian Blinds; Clutch The Hutch; Mambo Kings; What's Up With This Moon; Night Crawlers; Fancy Free; Que Tal Tio (What's Up Uncle).

Tagi: f jazz
15:06, longplay_2010
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Stella By Starlight; Interlude; You Don't Know What Love Is; Alice In Wonderland; Central Park West; Summertime; Song For Tomasz; What A Wonderful World; Blue Monk.

piątek, 14 września 2018

Man Facing North; Mutuality; Everyone Else Is Taken; Ecuador; Strange Time; Emerge; Timeline; Quiet; Divert; Brotherly; Swing With It; In Search Of; Solitude.

Tagi: jazz Y
17:26, longplay_2010
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Ride On A Rainbow; God's Dream; If You Really Want; All Love Is Blind; Sunshine (I Can Fly); Ocean Dreamer; Pick Somebody Up; Everyone Deserves A Second Chance; Sittin' In The Middle; Suddenly.

Tagi: M Pop
10:40, longplay_2010
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środa, 12 września 2018

Aaron Alter: Introspective Blues #1; Aris Carastathis: In the Light of an Invisible Moon; Keith R. Gambling: Duality; Hari Kanakis: 39 Degrees East; Dimitris Kostopoulos: So far away op.11; Rene Nikolaou: Miriam; Giorgos Papamitrou: Echoes, Meltemi; Louis Sauter: Laissez-moi mes reves; José Jesus de Azevedo Souza: Calling Gestures, Day dream; Peter Walton: Soliloquy.

wtorek, 11 września 2018

Get That Crispy; Cologne; What Is Now?; Chit Chat with a Chick from Chad; Swamp; The Dandy Lion; Tell Me Where to Go; Sleeping Cow.

New York Suite; Margot with a "t"; Watts What; Beluga Triangle; Tongue Twister.

Tagi: jazz L
15:16, longplay_2010
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