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sobota, 22 kwietnia 2017

Lord Greenville; On The Border; Midas Shadow; Sand In Your Shoes; If It Doesn't Come Naturally, Leave It; Flying Sorcery; Broadway Hotel; One Stage Before; Year Of The Cat.

piątek, 21 kwietnia 2017

Hey Now Hey; 5 Sisters; 2016; Disambiguate; Right Up On; Sponge; Einstein 100!

Tagi: f jazz L
16:06, longplay_2010
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środa, 19 kwietnia 2017

First Movement: Chronicles Of Michael Brown; Second Movement: Trayvon; Third Movement: Aiyana's Jones Song; Fourth Movement: Eric Garner; Fifth Movement: Ausar And The Race Soldiers; Sixth Movement: Ausar And The Race Soldiers (Reprise).

Tagi: jazz L
16:23, longplay_2010
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Behind the Smoke; Martian Sea; Fifty Miles from the North Pole; El Nino; Other Side of the Wall; Anything but Love; Inca Terra; In Another Life; In the Skeleton Gallery; West to East; The Gift.

wtorek, 18 kwietnia 2017

Intro; Instinct I-VI; Outro.

That Word - Rose Coletta; Wait For Me - Jeff Meegan; Endless Joy - Abigail Riccards; Reflections In Mirrors - Tammy McCann; You Can Kiss Me Into Anything - Typhanie Monique; Remembering - Paul Marinaro; Fred And Ginger - Alyssa Allgood; Mr. Midnight - Kimberly Gordon; Can't Believe That It's You - Michele Thomas; Come Along For The Ride - Elaine Dame; Kiss Me - Kimberly Gordon; Red - Elaine Dame; Vegas - Paul Marinaro; Be Strong - Typhanie Monique; You'll Always Have My Heart - Abigail Riccards; It's Never Too Late - Tammy McCann; My Whole World Is You - Amy Yassinger; I'm Whistling A Tune - Andy Pratt; Promise Me To The Moon - Rose Coletta.

This Song Is You; Isn't That The Thing To Do?; It's Time For Love; Nina Never Knew; I Love The Way You Dance; Linger Awhile; Love Me Tomorrow; I'll Close My Eyes; I'll Tell You What; Blame It On The Movies; Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues; Medley: A Little Samba / So Danco Samba; For Heaven's Sake; I'm Old Fashioned; Too Late Now; Dancing In The Dark.

Tagi: jazz w
11:23, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 13 kwietnia 2017

Charlie M; Rose Drop; B Funk; When The Spirit Returns; Deb Deb's Face; Monkey Waltz; Fradulent Fanfare; Almost Christmas; Let The Good Times Roll.

Tagi: b jazz
22:44, longplay_2010
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środa, 12 kwietnia 2017

Yesterday's Blues; The Lydian Sharp Enters; After Math; 1st Room; Melancholy Dreams; Dennis fra Venice; 2nd Room; Green Eggs; Duerne Flyver; 3rd Room; Wardencliffe; If I Knew; Lovetune #4.

Tagi: E H jazz
14:38, longplay_2010
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wtorek, 11 kwietnia 2017

Gegenkonzept; Strange Days' Blues; Inspiration; Underwater; Schneetraum; Blue Sketch; Lesson Of A Downpour; Im Wald.

Tagi: H jazz
16:51, longplay_2010
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niedziela, 09 kwietnia 2017

WC 128; Bleda 01-03; Vapor; Surfer Mystique; Square root of 13 to the power of 2e; The Jinx; Mr. Wright (is sneaking in).

Tagi: jazz w
14:24, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 06 kwietnia 2017

Johann Sebastian Bach: Koncert C-dur na 2 klawesyny;
Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Sonata F-dur na 2 klawesyny;
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Sonata D-dur na 2 klawesyny.

środa, 05 kwietnia 2017

W moim ogródecku; Grają Gracyki, skacą koniki; Mazurek podróżny do ślubu; Jest drożyna, jest; Som w stawie rybecki; Oberek.

wtorek, 04 kwietnia 2017

Satania Our Solar System; Planetary Prince; El Diablo; Adam & Eve; The End Of Corporatism; Andromeda; Isle Of Love; The Lucifer Rebellion.

Tagi: g jazz
21:03, longplay_2010
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Concerto doppio per violino, viola (violoncello) e orchestra;
Concerto per pianoforte ed orchestra Resurrection;
Concertino per tromba e orchestra.

poniedziałek, 03 kwietnia 2017

Time Line; Watercolors; Poet; Carnival; Something About Nothing; Take The Coltrane; Captain Senor Mouse; Cubano Chant; What's Going On; My One And Only Love.

Tagi: E jazz
22:15, longplay_2010
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Intro: Birdland (excerpt); Irish Vagabond; Meine schone Heimat / Venn kan segla forutan vind; Mistral; Once Upon A Time In America; Paco's Delight; Scarborough Fair; Dodge The Dodo / When God Created The Coffee Break; Eleanor Rigby; Father And Son; Birdland; Help The Poor.

Tagi: jazz w
14:15, longplay_2010
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Your Grief; I See You; Imagine The Fog Disappearing; A Castle In Heaven; Journey Of Life; I Refuse; What Was Said To The Rose; O Sacred Head; The Way You Play My Heart; Rull; The Source Of Now; Sweet Melting; Longing To Praise Thee; Sweet Melting Afterglow.

Tagi: g jazz
08:22, longplay_2010
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czwartek, 30 marca 2017

You Don't Know What Love Is; Around Bartók Bagatelle #4; Siliciana; African Heartbeat; Elm; Transition.

Tagi: b H jazz
16:27, longplay_2010
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Se nel partir da voi; Toccata From Orfeo; Dialog Orfeo Messenger; Amor - Lamento della Ninfa; Lamento d'Arianna (Lasciatemi morire); Around Dialog Orfeo Messenger; Si dolce e il tormento; Fantasy On Lamento d'Arianna; Lasciatemi morire; Si ch'io vorrei morire; Orfeos Lament; Lamento d'Arianna.

środa, 29 marca 2017

Shoshu-san; Kussa Karu Otome; Santoka's Walk; Hiroshima mon Amour; Tengu; Hiei-zan Nightfall; Tohoku; Rokudan; Ticket To Osaka; Shadow In The Woods; Kansai Two-Face ;Pavane de La Belle au bois dormant.

wtorek, 28 marca 2017

Nils Landgren / Ulf Wakenius / Lars Danielsson: Come Together; Landgren / Michael Wollny / Danielsson: Shadows In The Rain; Viktoria Tolstoy & Esbjorn Svensson: Monologue; Adam Bałdych / Magnus Lindgren / Iiro Rantala / Danielsson / Morten Lund: Dodge The Dodo; Landgren / Ulf Wakenius / Danielsson: Walk Tall; Ulf & Eric Wakenius: Paco's Delight; Youn Sun Nah / Danielsson / Mathias Eick / Xavier Desandre-Navarre: Bitter Ballad; Marius Neset: Prag Ballet; Wollny & Rantala: White Moon; Bałdych / Lindgren / Rantala / Danielsson / Lund: Tears For Esbjorn; Emile Parisien / Vincent Peirani / Andreas Schaerer / Wollny: B&H; Wolfgang Haffner & Wollny: Swing, Swing, Swing; Svensson: Prelude In D Minor.

Bandoska; Eternity; Elegja Pielgrzyma; I Will Always Love You; Kołysanka Rosemary; Unsound; Prayer; Eksplozja Paranoja; Dziwny jest ten świat; Francois Villon-Modlitwa.

Tagi: jazz M
15:18, longplay_2010
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Bad Ass and Blind; Red, Green, Yellow; Pedal To The Metal; Wings of Mind; If Only; Sound Shadow; Jack (Robert Lorick); You & I; All That I Am; Gotta Gotta Give; Fly Like An Eagle.

Tagi: M Pop
13:04, longplay_2010
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Euforila; Canadada; Pierro; Korek; Ta Du Da; For J.S.; Symphonix; Cats In Space; 7'37.

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